Danielle Gertner

Published: January 15th, 2014

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Danielle GertnerSomeone once told me that if I go after what I love and what I am naturally good at, I will never work a day in my life. Taking the Strengths Quest assessment has allowed me to take the first steps to finding my natural talents and abilities and grow and discover who I am as I go on the journey of a lifetime here at the University of Florida.

My name is Danielle Gertner and I am a sophomore at UF from Pembroke Pines, Florida. I am a General Business major specializing in Communications and Leadership Development. This summer is my very first experience teaching Warrington Welcome, the business section of the First Year Florida class. Even though this is a new experience, I know my strengths will come through and deliver. I am an achiever, a competitor, a communicator, disciplined, and self-assured. This combination definitely explains how I feel about running my class, which is in an organized yet creative way and also why I enjoy speaking in front of my class so much.

One of my top strengths, self-assurance, has given me the confidence to trust myself to make the right decisions whether my co-instructor is present or not. Last year I was a member of the Freshman Leadership Council and I was asked to host the talent show. Even though I was nervous, my self-assurance and communication strengths shone through and I was able to host the event and make sure everyone had a blast. I love the Strengths Quest assessment because I truly believe if people focus on what they are good at naturally and what they enjoy, they can easily reach their full potential and push themselves even further. I encourage all of my friends, students, and fellow peer leaders to take the time to really learn about their strengths and how they define them individually. There is a reason why almost no one else in the world has your same top five! We are all so unique and diverse and so is our journey through life. These strengths will set you up with the best stepping stones to have the most amazing journey of a lifetime.

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