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Taking the StrengthsQuest Assessment

To participate in StrengthsQuest, you must take the StrengthsQuest Assessment.

To order codes, please visit

With each code you receive:

  • Access to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a Web-based assessment that measures the presence of talent in 34 themes
  • Access to the online version of the StrengthsQuest book
  • A StrengthsQuest report of your top five themes and action items for students, educators, and professionals
  • Access to a personalized website customized to your top five themes
  • Access to additional reports to further your exploration of your talents

Schedule a training or presentation from one of our trained Strengths Coaches

It is important that there is additional reflection and discussion in addition to taking the assessment. Strengths Coaches can provide strengths training/presentations for your group once they have taken the assessment and received their results. A Strengths Coach can also work with you to design a training/presentation for your group.

Click here to view the complete presentation list.

Please allow one month between your request and the date of your requested presentation.

To begin a presentation request, review our list of topics and presenters on our “Request a Presentation” page.