Presentation Topics

About StrenghtsQuest      

This 30min presentation will introduce your group to the philosophy and benefits. Participants will likely have not taken the assessment yet but are rather interested in learning more about what it can offer them individually or as part of their work team. Session length recommended: 30minutes.

Introduction to Strengths*

This is a basic “101” course to explain the StrengthsQuest assessment and philosophy. Participants will engage in interactive exercises to learn more about their Top 5 results and how those results can benefit their life in terms of work, school, and relationships with others. Session Length Recommended: Minimum 50min/Maximum 2hrs

Strengths & Supervision

This workshop primarily geared towards faculty and staff who supervise others. Participants will learn more about the StrengthsQuest framework and how it assists in motivating others, giving feedback, and empowering those who report to us to be the best employee they can be. Session Length Recommended: 60-90 min

Strengths & the Job Search

Your strengths can provide great insight into what work environment, supervisor and job would be a great fit for you. This session explores how understanding your top strengths can help you find an internship or full-time job that will capitalize on your unique strengths. You will learn what to look for when researching opportunities and what to ask in an interview. Most importantly, you will acquire tools that will help you achieve success once you land the job. Session Length Recommended: 60-90 min

Strength-based resume writing and interviewing

Increase your marketability to employers and self-confidence by incorporating your top 5 Strengths themes in your resume and interviews. Bring your resume and StrengthsQuest Theme Report to this hands-on session where you have the opportunity to improve your resume content and practice key interview questions. Session Length Recommended: 60-90 min

Strengths & Wellbeing

This workshop is designed to explore some of the elements of Wellbeing, specifically physical and social wellbeing. Discuss how the decisions you make every day about your personal health can have an impact on these dimensions of wellbeing. Based on the Gallup book, Wellbeing, by Tom Rath and Jim Harter. Session Length Recommended: 60-90 min

Using your strengths for Research and Teaching*

Utilizing the Strengths Philosophy and Instrument, this session explores how strengths and natural talents can help you accelerate your research agenda and launch a successful career as a faculty member. This session discusses building an effective syllabus, leading an engaging class session, and also determining the best way to approach research topics based on strengths. Session Length Recommended: 60-90 min

Custom Presentation (we require a minimum of a month to prepare)

Looking at the list and don’t see your exact presentation topic here? Or, would you like a tailored presentation that combines one or more of the topics listed above? Please note the extended time we need to fulfill this request. If you choose this option, please give us some more insight into your ideas for the workshop here: ADD TEXT BOX

Professional Development Staff Retreat

Are you an office or department at UF looking to incorporate StrengthsQuest into your staff retreat? Select this option and a presenter will contact you to learn more about your specific department as well as your retreat format. Session Length Recommended: 2-3 hours. Please note this may take a bit longer to prepare as we would like to tailor it to meet your specific needs as much as possible.

*For this presentation, it is suggested that all participants have complete Strengths Quest before attending.